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Drawing & Talking


"My son really enjoyed having a quiet, safe place to express himself"

Drawing & Talking is a one-to-one person-centred therapy that takes place over a course of 12 weeks, focusing on recovery from emotional trauma.


Providing a highly effective therapeutic approach, this methodology is intended to complement, rather than replace the work of specialist therapists, enabling children and adults to get the help they need before problems become entrenched.

Since 2003, over 40,000 people have trained as practitioners in Drawing & Talking and it has become one of the UK’s leading mental health training companies. Approximately 2 million children and adults have benefited from this technique who may otherwise have gone untreated.


Drawing and Talking can be the first step in getting help with mental health issues e.g Bereavement, Family Breakdown, Depression, Bullying, Anxiety, Eating Disorders and Self Harm.

It can be used whilst waiting to be seen by CAMHS or other mental health care professionals.

Using only pencil and paper, each visual art workshop lasts for 30 minutes and takes place face to face or via zoom. It is important that the sessions are in the same place every week.

Empathy, Kindness, Support, Understanding and Trustworthiness are all core values which I bring to my work as a Drawing and Talking practitioner.

Each drawing & talking session costs £30.

The full 12 week course costs £360.

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